Friday, 19 February 2016

Freedom 251 Bookings on - How to Buy FREEDOM 251

Ringing Bells officially launched the Freedom 251 Smartphone in New Delhi on Wednesday feb18 2016. At the launch, the company said you can buy the Rs. 251 Smartphone by heading to the official website and book for delivery.

On feb18 2016, Ringing Bells issued saying there has been unexpected demand for the Freedom 251 and it has temporarily suspended bookings. Earlier on feb18 2016, many users faced problems when trying to buy the Smartphone. When we tried to buy a Freedom 251, we were thrown back to the screen that asking for shipping details, and based on social media we are not alone.

When you buy the Freedom 251-

  • In general life - if something sounds too good to be true.
  • Ringing Bells is a new brand with no track record in electronics media, so it's difficult to ascertain at this point what the quality check of the final product and the after-sales.
  • We noted with our Freedom 251 review unit, though the company later told us it does not represent the final unit that will ship to clients.
  • The company says that it may take up to 4 months for your unit to ship - so keep that in mind before you book a Freedom 251 mobile. Given the company's lack of any kind of a track record, there's an outside chance that it may not ship at all that gives only there reached their customers.
  • There seems to be no kind of return policy on the website.
  • It does say your Freedom 251 unit is covered by a one-year warranty.

According to Ringing Bells bookings for the Freedom 251 will reopen on feb 18 2016. Now that you hopefully know what you are getting into.
Here are the steps to book your Freedom 251 unit-
  • Go to the official website
  • Click on Buy Now button that is show in a image.
  • Note that the Ringing Bells is shipping charges Rs. 40 for Freedom 251 to your home so you will need to pay is Rs. 291.
  • Enter your address when sipping the mobile, accept terms and conditions.
  •  Click on Pay Now button and precede the payment.
  • After that that is say your order is send at your home after 3-4 months
  • Only one piece you can apply.
  • Note that the Freedom 251 cannot be shipped to an address outside India.

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