Monday, 22 February 2016

Buy Freedom 251 Smartphone

Freedom 251 had already created the social media for the youngster’s, its world first cheapest smartphone, that price is 251Rs Only. This smartphone launched recently now in NEW DELHI on Wednesday 17 February 2016. Many people’s are buying this smartphone in India every area. This website server crashed  but according to demand of peoples that do repair in few times. That’s phone booking shell be live again. Here we have provide the simplest way of buying/ book Freedom251 unit without any experience,without any error. Before purchase this smartphone in your mind many things are created for this smartphone.

How to Buy Freedom 251

  • Firstly you have need fast internet connection.
  • Go to the official website of the .
  • Now you  can see the BUY  button click in the Homepage screen.
  • In the cart you enter  the quantity which you want
  • Enter your correct address, email id and mobile Number or accept the  term and conditions.
  • The courier company will be charged around Rs.40 sipping for your address, so your total payment will be 291 

Features of the FREEDOM 251

DISPLAY SIZE:     4 inch (10.2 cms)
Operating System:   5.1 Lollipop and upgradable
Internal Memory 8GB
Rear Camera 3.2MP
Front Camera 0.3MP
Resolution 540*60
Battery 1450mAh

All Other Information About Freedom 251-

This Smartphone are being manufactured by Ringing Bell is situated in the Noida Center. This phone is copy of the Iphone and for the Digital Indai, Swachh Bharat, Medical, farmer, Women Sefty and some others.

Booking for the Freedom251 Smartphone has begin on 18 February at 6.00 am in the morning and closed date is on 21 February 2016 at 8pm night. In this site we will provide the tricks and tips for buying the Freedom 251 Smatphone.

Freedom 251 order at :-
Online starting date: 18/02/2016
Closed Online Date: 21/02/2016
If have coming any problem you can call at the customer care of the freedom company care 
Customer Care Number

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Freedom 251 Mobile Price 251 Features Last Date to Book Online

Freedom 251, Mobile Price 251, Features, Last Date

This mobile is unbelievable that is how to that can sell at the cheap cost like 251 RS. But it better for everyone because that have no smartphone that person can purchase it easily. In this mobile phone many features are given that are can’t coming at this price rate. This phone quality is best than the other cheap cost smartphones. Much application provides preinstalled in this smartphone for feature use like as Women Sefty, Swachh Bharat, Fishermen, Farmer and Medical. These are the new application in this phone. 

Features of FREEDOM251-

  1. Simple and Slim Style according to physical standard.
  2. The latest android version is given Lollipop 5.1 and Upgradable to Marshmallow.
  3. Best Display size of every use 4 inch (10.2 cms) qHD IPS Display .
  4. For processing 1GB RAM doing easy work.
  5. With 8 GB Internal Memory that is much better and SD Card is Expendable Up to 32GB.
  6. 1.3 GHz Quad core Processor capable to the fast performance.
  7. Dual SIM card are expendable 1st  SIM card is 2G/3G and 2nd SIM Card is Only 2G.
  8. 1 year warranty at the nearest FREEDOM SMARTPHONE Center.
  9. 650+ Service center in India Situated.
  10. And cheap Price 251 RS. 

All Other Information About Freedom 251-

Good performance for using internet, Videos, Listnig Music, Playing Game, Easily we can see youtube at perfect screen size. Not doing buffering in 3G internet speed.
There are few days for doing online purchase this smartphone that’s Online starting date is Wednesday Feb 17, 2016 and last date is Feb 21, 2016 so do urgently do online apply 
  1. Doing Online Oder Freedom 251 mobile procedure
  2. Go to official site of Freedom251 mobile.
  4. Click the BUY in the Webpage
  5. Next page is open fill the form according to user
  6. Give your correct Email id and Mobile Number you have comes the confirmation code of your ordered thing
  7. After that click Order Now  button and you have see this type of image
  8. You have come a confirmation message in you mobile Number and Email ID. 
  9. After 2 days you can do payment your given order 
  10. 251RS Payment for Smartphone and 40RS Sipping Charges at your given place. 
You can do payment via Credit Card, Debit card, Net Banking, and PayUmoney etc online payment banks.

You can see successfully ordered your thing
Thank you 

Freedom 251 order at

Online starting date: 18/02/2016

Closed Online Date: 21/02/2016

If have coming any problem you can call at the customer care of the freedom company care 
  1.  01204001000 
  2.  01204200470
  3.  01206619580
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Freedom 251 Bookings on - How to Buy FREEDOM251

Freedom 251 Bookings,, Buy FREEDOM251
Ringing Bells officially launched the Freedom 251 Smartphone in New Delhi on Wednesday feb18 2016. At the launch, the company said you can buy the Rs. 251 Smartphone by heading to the official website and book for delivery.
On feb18 2016, Ringing Bells issued saying there has been unexpected demand for the Freedom 251 and it has temporarily suspended bookings. Earlier on feb18 2016, many users faced problems when trying to buy the Smartphone. When we tried to buy a Freedom 251, we were thrown back to the screen that asking for shipping details, and based on social media we are not alone.

When you buy the Freedom 251

  1. In general life - if something sounds too good to be true.
  2. Ringing Bells is a new brand with no track record in electronics media, so it's difficult to ascertain at this point what the quality check of the final product and the after-sales.
  3. We noted with our Freedom 251 review unit, though the company later told us it does not represent the final unit that will ship to clients.
  4. The company says that it may take up to 4 months for your unit to ship - so keep that in mind before you book a Freedom 251 mobile. Given the company's lack of any kind of a track record, there's an outside chance that it may not ship at all that gives only there reached their customers.
  5. There seems to be no kind of return policy on the website.
  6. It does say your Freedom 251 unit is covered by a one-year warranty.

All Other Information About Freedom 251-

According to Ringing Bells bookings for the Freedom 251 will reopen on feb18 2016. Now that you hopefully know what you are getting into.

Here are the steps to book your Freedom 251 unit:

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on Buy Now button that is show in a image.
  • Note that the Ringing Bells is shipping charges Rs. 40 for Freedom 251 to your home so you will need to pay is Rs. 291.
  • Enter your address when sipping the mobile, accept terms and conditions.
  •  Click on Pay Now button and precede the payment.
  • After that that is say your order is send at your home after 3-4 months
  • Only one piece you can apply.

Note that the Freedom 251 cannot be shipped to an address outside India.

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Freedom 251 All You Need to Know About this Mobile Phone Before Buy

Freedom 251, Features, booking online, buy now

The whole country is talking about this phone that is Freedom 251, many said the website is not loading, many asking that how to get the phone, how to buy this phone and there are thousands those are asking the same questions, therefore we are here to solve all those problems what you are thinking about right now.

Here are few pre-installed apps on Freedom 251-

  • Women Safety
  • Swachh Bharat
  • Fisherman
  • Farmer
  • Medical
  • Google Play
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Youtube and others also

The official website is not opening what to do next -

Just use one simple trick to do so, you need to just keep pressing F5, well it is only working for Window 7 operating system, I don't know which opening system you are using right now, but yes I am sure automatic refreshing really working just super simple and its works for me, then I am sure it will work for you too.

When you are going to get deliver-

All the deliveries will be made by 30th June, 2016, as stated on the official website through counties.

How much total cost of Freedom 251-

Well, as the company said its only 251 Rs that true but you need to pay 40 Rs for postal charge

Here are key features of Freedom 251-

  1. 4" qHD IPS Display (10.2 cms)
  2. Camera- 3.2 MP + .3 MP
  3. Good internet connection
  4. 1.3 GHz quafcore processor which is having capability of fast and responsive performance 
  5. 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory which makes it perfect for using this mobile for gaming
  6. And of course it will be exapandable up to 32 GB
  7. Battery is not that much powerful but now bad even its 1450mAh
  8. Otherthan these there are three more just awesome features-
  9. Andriod the latest one that is Lollipop 5.1
  10. 1 yeat waranty 
  11. & 650+ service center Pan India

Customer Care number of Freedom 251-

CUSTOMER CARE NO. 0120-4001000, 4200470, 6619580

What is the Parent company name of Freedom 251-

Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd, well this company is behind the Freedom 251 and there is huge craze about this phone for buying it, as per statistics I got that after just launching this phone for buying online, let me tell you another news flash about it is that just after 24 hours they cancelled taking more orders but in reality one of my friend tries several times to order the phone and he got it, I mean ordered it.

Where Freedom 251 Company Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd Based on-

This is not that much popular company before it was not in the market but now a days I mean just after launching this phone that is Freedom 251, this company based on Noida, Uttar Pradesh, which is comes under NCR region that means it is near to Delhi.
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Friday, 19 February 2016

Freedom 251 Features, Specification, Price & Review

Freedom 251 mobile is launched by Ringing Bells Indian Pvt Ltd based company on 18th February 2016 at New Delhi in online mode. There are many types of facilities are provided by freedom 521 mobile which is given below:-

Hardware of Freedom 251-

1.3 GHZ dual-core processor
8GB (up to 32 Gb external card expendable)
Rear Camera
3.2 Mega Pixel
Front Camera
0.3 Mega Pixel
Battery Capacity
1450 Mega hertz (removable)
Touch Screen

Software of Freedom 251-

Operating system
Android 5.1 (lollipop)
Temperature sensor
Proximity Sensor

Display of Freedom 251-

Screen Size
4.1 inch
540*960 Pixels

Connectivity of Freedom 251-

No. of SIM
1 (One)

Review of Freedom 251-

Overall this is good mobile. The rating gain by much discipline is around 7.5 out of 10.
This rating is on the basis of
  • Overall NDTV Rating
  • Display Rating
  • Design Rating
  • Camera rating
  • Software Rating
  • Performance Rating
  • Cost Rating. Etc.

All Other Information About Freedom 251-

Price of Freedom 251-

The price of this phone is lowest of all mobile found in India [ specially in smart phone] This is cheapest smartphone of cost only 251 Rupees and with shipping charge by online order is 40 Rupees i.e., total cost of this phone is 251+40 i.e., 291 Rupees only.

Application Support of Freedom 251-

On this mobile you can run any type of App like gaming, video, social sites, financial and all app which can be run on android 5.1 version software.

Customer Support of Freedom 251-

More than 650 customer support office will be establish for provide good service s to the customers.
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Disadvantages to Booking Online to Buy Freedom 251

Disadvantages of Freedom 251, Booking Online to Buy Freedom 251

As you know freedom 251 mobile India's first cheapest mobile. So many problem to place your order completely will arises. In reality such problem is seen on 18th of February 2016 that at the speed of 600000 visitors per second  visit its page to place his own order so that the server stop to respond all the user and website crashes takes place. In this article some of important problem are given with there solution so that you can easily being able to place your order on its official site

The problem regarding its order can be....

Server of Freedom 251 not responding and page not open-

 Due to server overload such type of problem is generate. If attempts the site  to open and place your order and it is not able to open then  at this failure time you can do two things. To  book online this smart cheapest smart phone it will take little time and need to follow few steps.

 Wait Some Time then Again Try-
Because havy request it not responded so you can wait some extent of time and then again try to open this site,. If the traffic will less then surely your request will be full filled and try it un till you cant be succeed to place your order.

Refresh Anomalously-
For visiting at same time whenever you want try to press refresh button of your browser on same link . after doing it your freedom site will responded you after five to six attempt. On the  pc’s browser press f5 continuously after  5 to 6 second. And on mobile press reload button oftenly  in 5 to 6 second.

All Other Information About Freedom 251-


The mission of this website is to provide each individual single phone so on the each user name only one order at a time are placed. If you want to place more than one order then you change your name with each of your order and place the order one by one then definitely your all order will be accepted.


In current time there is no any online payment transaction are taken so don’t worry about your online transaction procession. Probably when the order criteria will full fill then the payment made will be active and you can be complete your transaction rapidly or at the time of transaction whenever it will be notified that pleas make your complete order after completion of online payment transaction of 291 rupees. With shipping charge.


At the time of facing such type of problem don’t be nervous and make patience and try to reload the page if then you r problem not solve then leave it at the time of real payment transaction. it will be solved out at the current time due to heavy server load it is not up dated continuously and such type of problem are came in existence.

According to if there further problem arises then definitely we have pleasure to solve out your problem.
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Why to Purchase Freedom 251 With All Features

Purchase Freedom 251, Features of Freedom 251

Why to Purchase Freedom 251 With All Features, As we uncertainly know about freedom 251 mobile as it is cheapest smartphone in India many among us friends have many types of question running in mind that in this how well this mobile will be  work to use. At this cost which type of software hardware memory feature are added by Ring Bell
Company on this mobile freedom 251.

So in this part some points are given so that you should invest to purchase and use this mobile:-


Freedom251 mobile is manufactured contain advance type of hardware support i.e. 1.3 GHZ processor. Which is generally found in now a days latest smartphones like Samsung, Sony company’s mobile and minimum cost of such a mobile is around six thousand (6000) Rupees.


In this mobile latest upgradable android lollipop version software are used. Lollipop is. 5.1 android version software re used for making too good graphical user interface for make the mobile more reliable user-friendly to use for user.

Freedom251 mobile support 8 GB internal memory and the external memory can be extendable up to 32 GB. So according to your need of requirements you can also install large number of android app on the memory of your phone.

The RAM capacity of this mobile is 1 GB so there is not any speed and hanging problem will arise at the running time of this mobile. so without much understanding use this mobile.

The cost of this mobile is approximate nothing with respect to another mobile on the current time of the whole market of electronics rate over in India.

The accessories of this mobile will contain USB Charger, Earphone and One year warranty.
So according to current market value if charger and earphone without mobile you get then it will be properly return so don’t think so much about price of mobile. It is nothing in today’s your standard and purchase it and make our India fully digital.

The front and back look of this mobile is as same as apple’s iPhone. It is too attractive to looking and its size is neither small nor large so you can easily carry out in your pocket and hand. At the back cover the picture of flag is drawn which will increase the nation loving tendency. This is slim set to hold it with light weight.

When all people of indie will use this mobile then the criteria of equality around all country automatically will ful fill in some extent.

This facility is start through the program of “make in India”. So it’s time to support our government to make our country reputation and position as well as high as much possible over the world.

So if we give a look overall in the market then there is nothing have any personal loss to purchase this mobile .o be supportive and be creative and purchase this mobile online.
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